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Catering Partnership ‘goes the extra mile’ for Broadoaks Country House Hotel laundry install

Luxury Lake District Hotel and Wedding Venue Broadoaks Country House receives first class service from Catering Partnership

Set in 7-acre grounds near Windermere, Broadoaks Country House is a luxury hotel with garden cottages and restaurant.  Being a very popular Lake District hotel, its kitchens and laundry facilities are always busy which means it is essential that all equipment is kept in excellent working order.  This responsibility falls to Broadoaks’ very own Maintenance Manager, Mark Wenlock.

“I’ve only been with Broadoaks for a short while,” said Mark “although I have worked in hotel and hospitality maintenance for many years in the Lake District.”

As well as looking after the day-to-day maintenance issues himself, Mark relies on a local network of trades and suppliers to ensure Broadoaks retains its reputation for quality and service.

In recent months the hotel’s gas tumble dryer has required more frequent repairs than usual, causing unwanted disruption to the running of the laundry.  The dryer was over 15 years old and although it had served the hotel well, it was becoming uneconomical to keep repairing it.  It was time to find a replacement.

Catering Partnership was originally contracted to Broadoaks to service, maintain and repair the hotel’s kitchen and washing equipment.  Through working together, Broadoaks learned that Catering Partnership are also extremely knowledgeable and well trained in commercial laundry equipment.

“The communication with Catering Partnership has always been very good,” added Mark.  “We enjoy an open dialogue and I trust their advice, so I tasked them with finding a replacement gas tumble dryer.  Due to the space and specific requirements of our laundry set-up, our wish list in terms of size, functionality, efficiency, performance and capacity were very specific.”

Catering Partnership’s in-house team set to work researching possible replacement gas tumble dryers that fulfilled or exceeded the needs of Broadoaks’ detailed requirements.

“Like any successful business, we have to be very astute when it comes to purchasing,” said Mark.  “We were satisfied with the recommended product and pricing that Catering Partnership presented to us.”

The replacement dryer was sourced by Catering Partnership and at the request of Broadoaks, it was stored offsite until the agreed installation date.

On the day of the install, Mark had the unenviable task of managing multiple trades and personnel to ensure he made the most of his allotted maintenance time slot and avoid unnecessary disruption to the day-to-day operations of the hotel.

“The pre-planning and clear line of communication I have with Catering Partnership really paid dividends on the day,” commented Mark.  “Catering Partnership required virtually no supervision from me.  They just got on with the job in hand, and went above and beyond to make sure the work was carried out properly.”

Mark was delighted when Catering Partnership took upon themselves to remove and replace the door casings in order to install the new dryer without interfering with the reception area of the hotel.  Despite the very limited access and the job requiring Catering Partnership Engineer Olly Attwood to crawl through a small window, the old dryer was successfully removed and the new one installed with minimal disruption.

Catering Partnership Engineer Alistair Dixon said “This particular machine was chosen mainly because of the very limited space. There was also a synergy with the rest of the washing suite, and that this machine is suitable for high productivity – so met their requirements for the busy hotel.”

“The staff really know what they’re doing and are committed to doing a proper job. They pulled out all the stops to make sure the install was done properly and smoothly,” said Mark.

Mark summarised the benefits of working with Catering Partnership:

“Clear communication is the cornerstone of any productive working relationship.  Catering Partnership are responsive, professional and transparent in the way we talk to each other.  Thanks to the strong communication, I don’t have to supervise their engineers on site and I trust them to get on with the job.  They are thorough in their approach and we are very satisfied with their advice and service.  Having worked in this sector for many years, I have witnessed and experienced varying standards of service.  I am happy to report that Catering Partnership are one of the very best service providers I have worked with and I am happy to recommend them.  Ultimately, they make my life much easier.”



Catering Partnership provides the complete service for commercial kitchens and laundries, including designing, planning, supplying, installing, servicing and maintenance. The company has been working with sports clubs, hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, schools, colleges, care homes, hostels and local authorities for over 40 years.


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